The noble Villa Pauli makes the perfect home for our club with its extraordinary history.

Villa Pauli wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for love. Heiress Anna Pauli had the Villa built and gave it as a morning gift to her husband, doctor Albert Pauli.

Villa Pauli’s extravagance was made possible due to entrepreneurial and innovative prosperity. Anna financed the villa with an inheritance from her father, Johan Wilhelm Smitt, one of Sweden’s most significant entrepreneurs of all time with ties to Alfred Nobel.

Anna and Albert weren’t alone in creating this house’s splendor. Albert’s brother, artist Georg Pauli painted the mural ”The seasons” that embellishes our Private Members Lounge to this day.

The villa’s creative history does not stop with Georg. It was renowned architect Ragnar Östberg who drew Villa Pauli, most famous for designing Stockholm City Hall. And famed sculptor Carl Eldh is responsible for enriching it with ornaments on the facade and sculptures in the garden.

That’s why we couldn’t imagine a more magical place for our club. A villa created by an eclectic mix of brave entrepreneurs, loving and passionate heiresses, intellectual doctors, groundbreaking architects, and creative artists. Just like our members today.

It is all these characteristic details that make the club what it is today.